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Just Another Love Story

Written by fabee_babee
Why do I feel this hurt?
Why do I find myself caring for you?
When all you have done is make me cry,
If only I knew.

Why does this pain enhance
with you in every memory,
No second chance,
You won't forget me...

Will you?

I cannot see,
A future with you or with me,

I cannot see,
I drown in each memory,

Of you.

I cannot breathe with the hurt I feel each day,
I cannot live until these wounds heal and go away.

Reminders they will become
A scar upon my heart,
Another tear in my soul
As we grow further apart.

Love will one day blossum...
A true love that will come once all is healed,
Let the past be a distant memory,
The future and happiness be revealed.

One day.