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Oblivious Torment

Written by fabee_babee
He sits there on the hill,
Looking out upon the valley,
watching the long grass flow with the breeze,
The ancient trees swaying, aching with every movement.
The green grass contrasting with the blue sky.
He Doesnt notice the beauty in natures simplicity.
A crow glides past him and nestles on an abandoned fence post.
He sits and thinks about nothing he thinks is important...
He only contemplates the continuation of his life.....
The crow sqwarks out its call interupting his thoughts......

She sits on the beach,
Watching the waves roll onto the shore,
A slight breeze assisting the waves to curl into a perfect tube,
The sun twinkles upon the blue, looking like a thousand angel eyes are winking,
She doesn't notice the beauty.
The horizon ajoined to the sky, endless like her doubts upon life,
A dolphin rises out of the water, somersaulting before ending with a splash back into the depths of the sea,
She lifts her head,
but falls back into the oblivion of her torment.

No one offers to listen to their woes,
No one offers them a helping hand,
So they both walk the same path -
No one helped them.