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In Ways About Air

Written by tony
In ways above air,
Do true choices be known;

Grasping this air,
Those beneath it are frozen;

Suffocating from this air,
They still see it as golden;

Inhaling this air,
Their hearts beat is stolen;

Scorched by this air,
Body's blackened by molten;

Succumb to this air,
Their spirits finally folden;

Living in this air,
Unwittingly beholden;

The choice was theirs,
Not to live above the air;

Its toxicity has but one taste,
Its velocity owns but one face;

For the Bright one,
Breathes this poison for fun;

Pure and demanding,
Gaining strength without withstanding;

Understanding from within,
Unknowing without sin;

Climb and find, despite,
the Beacon of Light;

Dimming its own power,
Shimming its very tower;

A beam from above, even a glare;
Is enough to guide me though the poisoned air.