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A mouse to an eagle

Written by tony
She dashes like a mouse,
Amiss bright lights from a sniper;

Quivering not breathing,
In the presence of a viper;

Ban me from here,
She probably would;

She fears me,
And can't see what I stand for is good;

Truth, though
Not so sure of this is she,

And a blamer for this outcome,
I cannot be;

I feel abandoned,
But still whole;

Smiling still,
Is my soul;

Unable to stop;

Despite the,
Dying of the crop;

Next season it will grow greener;
Better than ever before,

This is the Trust between us;
And it will die nevermore

Whether she believes it to be or not

So, do I run away too?
Or Fly......

Or do I swoop down on my mouse
and wipe the tear from her eye?

With a majestic wingspan,
I circle her from the clouds,

Will she let me come down?
On this, I have doubts.

Maybe I'll just stay here,
Close enough for her to listen;

But far enough so she can't see,
Even though with this I'll be missing;

She's afraid to trust,
I could easily attack;

She has seen and felt,
My great claws of pain;

She knows the mice before me,
Who have all been slain;

Somehow I'll show her,
My claws are retracted,

Then I see negative in my life,
And from this mission, I'm detracted;

Please don't shut me out,
Fair little mouse, don't fear it;

And I swear,
I will never break your spirit;

I will allow you to grow,
And be an eagle like I;

Soaring across lands,
Free to the Sky;

Lose you to the Wind,
I may;

But I'll catch your scent,
And find you again one day;

We're the same feather,
You and I;

Though small mice we can be;
Tremble no more, for its time to Fly

You and Me.