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Roles Reversed

Written by Takara
4 years I waited for him to need me as I needed him. I finally find my own life, and now he says he'll do anything to be with me. Too little, too late. I finally moved on. I think.

He finally says he wants me
The roles become reversed
A life I wanted for so long
Finally within my reach
But I've already moved on

I waited so long for him
To realise what I already knew
With each day I died a little more
So I found a way to live
His slave already gone

Part of me wants to slip back
To fall into his arms
Fall into a life impossible
To live the dream of four years
Become what I desired for so long

But I'm not that girl anymore
I am no longer his slave
I am no longer bound to him
Or bound by him
I have found my own two feet
To stand alone, to stand tall
I found independance
I found confidence
I found a world ungovenered by his will
I found my life

And I intend to keep it

9th May 2006 - 15:30pm