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The book it does not judge me

Written by Binar
I have categorised this poem as Hope as i belive in its writing that it distils the opinion that everyone should look upon another person they way you look upon a book with no cover... you cannot juddge it until you have sampeled its pages.. This peom was written when i started working for a comapny that had a few employeeys that didnt seem to agree with my lifestyle... they didnt relish books over "hello" magazine they way i did. :)

The book's, they do not judge me.
They do not talk behind my back,
The book does not make me self conscious,
Its only desires me to read its pages.

The book does not care how I dress,
if fact it could not care less.
Fashion icon or dressed down slob,
any clothes will do the job.

The book does not want a diamond ring,
It wont get angry if its phone I do not ring.
it does not expect dinner or drinks,
its always up for a quiet night in to think.

The book it does not judge,
It does not whisper to its friends.
The book it does not judge,
it does not hold opinion nor a grudge.

Its wit I do not feel upon my ears,
its scowl's I do not see.

The book it does not judge....