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dont know how to feel

Written by nismo_sss
i guess this is a mixture of broken heart & confusion but i still have you!

feeling hollow lost & confused,
i lost what i cherished more than anything i can think of,
a feeling of regret for not saying how i really felt,
but glad to have still a part of what i lost,
not what i wanted but i cant help that,
we would have been better off together,
but someone or something has clouded your mind,
i think we can still be,
but it's not my choice,
i just hope you can see what is right for us,
my life has changed because of you,
in a good way only,
i had to get rid of the bad person i was before you came along,
at least i still have you .....
i am just soo confused,
why did it end?
you told me, but it wasnt the real answer,
or at least was only a tiny little bit of the answer,
i know you are not sure what it is, in your mind you know exactly what it is you just cant say it,
i have forgotten alot of things,
i guess i shouldnt forget everyone else,
i feel guilty cos over time i think i have forgotten people,
but now i know they are still there & i'm going to keep them there, but try & bring them closer,
what i have said has confused me even more .... but my whole life seems to evolve around confusion ..... i hope none of this makes sense ...... that was the plan