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The Iron Tree

Written by fabee_babee
this poem is based on a book I just finished reading. The first part of the \'Crowthistle\' Triology by Celia Dart Thornton. I love her books so I wrote a poem about the first book :P

In a land not of our own
humble people dwell,
they are folk of the land and of the spirit realm as well.

They live in houses bordering the marsh,
And yet upon the water they abode,
They have no cars, no planes or bikes,
It was in little boats they rowed.

A special dame dwelled in these parts
her eyes of sapphire blue,
A curse was laid upon her head and for her future family too.

A curse of insanity that would come with her first child,
She bore a child so alike herself
And soon insanity in her mind went wild.

Footsteps came a-following
her time in obsession was spent
Up to Lizardback Ridge she ran
and to the cliff she went.

Her true love came running
The footsteps coming near
So the pretty damsel flew
Far away from her fears.

Her true love watched her fall
and to the cliff he bolted
He saw her body lying there
His heart and hopes assaulted.

He climbed down the rock face
So as not to be apart
But in arms length from his beloved
A broken tree limb pierced his heart.

Both died spending their last moments staring in each others eyes,
For one could not bear to live without the other,
And so together they both died.