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pushed away

Written by nismo_sss
am i forgotten.....

i'm lost for words yet again,
no-one acknowledged me,
i feel like i am the forgotten one,
we were once all best friends,
but something has happened to split that up,
i dont even feel welcome,
i thought you were my friends,

my love seems to have ditched me,
and barely wants to know me,
feel like something bad has happened,
and i'm the one to blame,

once upon a time i was aksed to go places,
now they dont even consider me,
i feel so left out it seems,
that everyone hates me,

i wish i could understand what is going on,
but no-one will tell me,
most of the time i can't get a conversation with them,
imagine how that feels .....

when we were soo close,
it was always us as a group,
now it seems we've split apart,
seems it's just me,
and you've got your group,

i wish i could tell you all how i feel,
but it seems no-one cares,
you all barely talk to me,
it's killing me from the inside out,

now it seems i should move on,
no-one cares how i feel,
or maybe thats just the way it seems,
but i feel soo unwanted,
and it hurts me like hell,
i dont want to be away from you's,
but if comes to that then so be,

it hurts me soo much to write this stuff,
and now i dont know what to say,
but it seems it may be too late to try,
although i've tried soo hard,
i guess i should give up in life,
i just cant seem to please,
so if it all happens to be true,
i'll say goodbye,
it'll be soo hard..............