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devoted......... for a lost cause

Written by nismo_sss
i'm as crazy as i'll ever be for you, you will never not be loved cos you will always be loved by me ....

it started off as un-sure feelings,
that went on for long time,
both of us pushing aways the thoughts,
we didnt even know how we felt towards each other,

then all of a sudden before we knew it was even happening,
we were together,
and it was the best we have ever felt,

we were together for a while,
and it was the time of our lives,
we were best friends and more,
it took me a while to realise,
how much i love you,
and i guess the feeling was mutual,

over time we somehow grew apart,
some things have happened and i'm not sure what,
things got tense,
and then we broke up,
now i'm really hurt,
i thought we were in love....

now time is getting on,
and i understand less,
what happened in the end,
the reason was a reason,
but you didnt explain'
why things were like they were,

now i'm trying to move on,
i dont think you realise how much,
and you keep pushing me away,
like your trying to give me a reason to dislike you,

i dont want it to happen this way,
but you seem to not care,
everytime i try to talk to you,
you brush it off like we never mattered,

the way i feel,
as selfish as it may seem,
i still love you,
more than i thought i could ever love anyone,
and my heart is yours forever,
i'll never forget you,
i just hope,
that you will never forget me ....
and all the things we have been through together...........