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Written by annie
your words are only cheap


For all of the times you said you would change,
Ive waited and hoped you would keep your word.

For all of times you've said you were sorry,
I have accepted it and forgave you.

For every time you have lied to make things seem better,
I have always told you it would be all right.

For all of times you said you were proud of us,
I have always believed you.

For all of the times our questions have been left unanswered,
I have always been patient.

And for every time you broke that promise,
I have always accepted it.

But now things have changed and I dont want this anymore,
I wish I could find the courage to walk out the door.
Youre twisting my words and I become confused,
Just like the years you were neglected and used.

Youve changed in ways that are unexplainable,
And have left my heart feeling little un-tamable.
If you could write the wrong that made us cry,
I would still never forgive you,
For this is the life you have shown us.
We know no other way.