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For You

Written by annie
One can only try so much

For You

My heads now dropped ive given up on you,
Theres nothing left that I can do.
Ive tried to reason, make you understand,
But nothing sinks in.

Ive let you yell and scream at me until my ears they feel the rain,
Ive let you walk all over me until my heart screams out in pain.
Ive let you punch and push me until I carnt take no more,
Is this the life you want me to live, is this all thats in store.

I want to run from your hands, your heart and sorrow.
I want to run from the pain thats left until tomorrow,
I want to leave you behind without one last thought.
This is the end, im left without choice.

So as my back begins to turn and nothing is said,
I hope my silence will wake your own living dead.
I hope I leave you with tears rolling from your eyes,
After all you deserve them, im used to lonely cries.