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Written by nismo_sss
i wish i could find my friends again

as i sit around wondering what i'm doing,
my friends ... or who i thought were my friends,
are in the next room,
all laughing and having fun,
they walk past & smile,
they dont say a word,
not at least till they find someone better to talk to,

i go into my own world,
and i wonder what it is,
that i have done to drive them away,
it used to be soo good,
and everything just seemed,
like it was all over in an instant,

now it seems i'm just another person,
in a different room,
i sit there and wonder why i'm always left alone,

should i ask why things are the way they are,
i decide i will,
but just think about it,
i'll never do it,
too self-conscious,
weak willed,
bad at confrontations,

now i sit here,
thinking about everything i have done,
wondering what it was that made them break away,
wish i could fix things,
but the more i try the worse i make it,
dont know what to do anymore,
guess friends is something i once treasured,
but i dont know if i can anymore,
i cant take being ignored,
expected soo much of.....
i wish everything would just end