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your the bestest

Written by nismo_sss
i guess this is strong but i mean it......

as your there,
typing away,
i wonder how,
i might be able to help,
but it's soo hard,
you have soo much confusion,
more so than i do,
which i thought wasnt possible.

your always there for me,
but as much as i try,
i cant seem to be there for you,
you put yourself down,
i do the same,
but i can see your potential,
i dont know why you cant.

your one of the very few i can trust,
and i wouldnt survive,
without you there,
your such a good friend,
that i really dont know what to say,
or do,
i just want to help,
to make things easier.

you should know i'll be here forever,
and if something happens to me,
i'll still be there,
your an incredible person,
and i'll be there till the end,
REGARDLESS .................