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Taken Away

Written by fabee_babee
-- what can i say but boredom struck--

In the depth of sorrow awaiting the coming of the night,
A disheartened young maiden with a face of pale white,
sits in the shadows awaiting the arrival of her mate
As the knives twist deeper into her unwilling fate.
Snatched from her independence, stolen is her life
Forced into marriage to become somebodies wife.

Won't somebody hear her cries as the sun settles down,
Will not someone dampen her fears and wipe away her frown,
A mislead life is now what awaits her tainted stolen path,
Never again to smile, Never again to joyfully laugh.

The sun has set and the moon rides high,
As the coming of her forced destiny arrives,
There is no hint of knight in armour,
Her heart is racing no longer calmer,
She races, Runs She must get away..
She must, at least try, to reclaim her fate.

Standing upon the precipice...
She lets herself fall....

Sweet Relief.

No man shall have her,
Not without her consent,
And so it is her life
She takes and in death

Is Spent.